Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vintage Patterns

I ordered some vintage patterns from Ebay recently.

In the past I've worked straight from my head, mostly reconstructing vintage pieces, but also making things from scratch or making my own patterns. I'm excited about this direction because I've been learning new techniques and getting lots of ideas. I love that I can create something new from an authentic vintage pattern. They're mostly from the 70's because I adore that era of fashion, but also 40's, 80's etc. I hope to find some really old ones eventually...think 20's flapper style! I'm still using mostly vintage materials as the sustainable aspect is important to me.

Here are a couple examples. So far I always end up tweaking the pattern a bit to satisfy my aesthetic.

See more views here.

More views here.

I also recently purchased a serger and a new sewing machine, because my old one was worn out from too much sewing. It's so nice working with these new machines, everything runs smoothly and the Juki is definitely an upgrade!

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